2014 Raider S

Style. Performance. Attitude. The Raider delivers on all three and rides unlike any other chopper-inspired custom in the world.

  • Form and Function
    The Raider® was inspired by the custom chopper movement, but since it’s a Star, it had to also handle, stop and go.
  • Kicked-out Front Fork
    A 6-degree yoke angle—the first ever on a Star® motorcycle—makes it possible to achieve that custom raked-out look as well as neutral handling and straight-line cruisability combining a 33-degree rake plus 6 degrees yoke angle gives the Raider a total rake of 39 degrees and 102mm of trail.
  • Stylish Custom Wheels
    Custom 5-spoke aluminum wheels carry a 120/70 profile, 21-inch tire up front, and a wide, 210/40-18 radial out back—the tallest and widest ever on a Star.
  • Real Steel Fenders
    No cheap plastic fenders here—this authentic cruiser has real steel fenders customizers love. Classic belt drive, too.
  • Ready to Customize
    Get started on your own customization. The Star® Accessories Catalog is packed full of high-quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.
  • Ready to Travel
    Estimated 42 mpg* means this cruiser can go the distance between fill-ups.
Model Raider S
Condition New
Year 2014