ATV, SxS, AND MOTORCYCLE SAFETY & LEGAL GUIDELINES Safety continues to be top-of-mind at YAMAHA, at both the corporate and dealership levels. In a continuing effort to avoid situations of concern that may affect either YAMAHA or your dealership, all dealership personnel should review and follow the following ATV, SXS and Motorcycle guidelines. Consumer Safety Issues In 1987, YAMAHA and other ATV Distributors signed the ATV Consent Decree with the Justice Department. This agreement stipulated certain selling and advertising practices for the ATV industry. Although the ATV Consent Decree has expired, YAMAHA has agreed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), by letter of April 1998, to continue its previous advertising practices (YAMAHA/CPSC Agreement). These provisions of the YAMAHA/CPSC Agreement represent the majority of ATV legal guidelines for future selling seasons. Failure to comply with the guidelines as stated in the following pages can result in government sanctions against YAMAHA or against you as a YAMAHA dealer. Dealers should comply with these guidelines to manage their own legal risks and to be sure that advertising qualifies for Co-op reimbursement. The motorcycle advertising guidelines provided are those recommended by the Motorcycle Industry Council.