Yamaha MT-125 Review

The MT-125 series is a part of the single-cylinder family from Yamaha, having made the first appearance in 2014. Ever since, the “Master of Torque” has been achieving some international success: the 2018 edition was the second-best selling in Europe, even outpaced the entire sale of the series.

With that triumph, the 2020 edition was released with much high expectations, with the mission to reach the newer, younger target audiences. And it indeed did not disappoint the fans – the 2020 Yamaha MT-125 is a whole different story compared to previous generations: new engine, new frame, styling, brakes, clocks and many, many more.

First and foremost, like always, is the engine. Yamaha MT-125 can produce nearly 15 bhp at 10,000rpm – what a beast, so worth of its upper class identity. Here is some overview about its monstrous engine you want to know: the engine is a single cylinder, four-stroke, SOHC with the same structure as the 2019 MT-125’s engine, therefore can produce exactly 124.7 cc – with this, it can achieve the maximum speed of 80mph.

However, there is a big difference here, a breakthrough compared to previous MTs: instead of using single overhead cam valve gear like older generations, the 2020 edition decided to make a breakthrough by using VVA (variable valve actuation) technology. By using this system, the 2020 bike earned two advantages: One, it allows the engine to operate cleaner and more efficiently, and second it opens the opportunity for engineers to adjust or modify the engine depending on the condition of the bike.

Illustration of how VVA works. (Image from Bennetts)
Illustration of how VVA works. (Image from Bennetts)

Moreover, differences also came from the internal of the Yamaha MT-125: the new valvetrain is more compact, the piston is made from low-friction material. The exhaust is also remade, as more air going to the engine means more gas must be exhumed. 

Talking about this series – the MT-125 is the newest and youngest of Yamaha’s Torque series, but it received a significant upgrade: not only the VVA technology is applied and the engine is upgraded, but also the front part is changed: the MT-125 uses the Upside Down front fork colored with black – which makes it way more cooler and tougher, slipper & clutch, modern LED system and the Deltabox frame.

Also, if you are the one who loves to ride fast on highways, the six-speed gearbox would absolutely please you. On the other hand, the fuel tank is what surprises most: although its capacity is only 11,5 litres, but somehow, you can ride it for about 340 miles before going to a gas station to refill the tank. Settled on the upper position is the dash, with black and white display, while below that is the seat – its height is about 8cm, combined with the perfect position gives you the comfort feeling you need for long rides.

And finally, the pair of 17‘’ Michelin tires perfectly concludes the overall body design of the MT-125 – it makes the drivers feel calm and totally confident when they are riding the bike. This is indeed great stuff for a 125 bike like MT-125. With all of this gears can make you so hype for the bike, but there is one thing that can make you think more before adding this bike to your garage: it’s the price – about $5,600. With a 125cc bike, this is way too high.

Well, that is all of the accessories that MT-125 got, with the most valuable one is the VVA technology, which makes this “little guy” in the Torque family outstanding. If you are the one who loves to ride with joy, who want a great riding experience but can afford its hefty price, MT-125 is the must.